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Street Safe The DVD How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Featuring Marc Mac Young From out of nowhere, a criminal suddenly lashes out with a violent attack. The criminal easily wins because the victim is unaware that a crime is in progress until the actual assault takes place. By then it's too late. As a law enforcement professional, you may have extensive training in hand to hand combat. You may also have your service weapon at hand to defend yourself. But what about your family? Does your wife, your children, or your parents have the same training advantage? You cannot always be there to protect them. Therefore, the best way to protect others is to teach them exactly how they can protect themselves against street violence. The violent attack, though blinding in its speed, does not come out of the clear blue. Few criminals attack on impulse, most rely on calculation. By the time the criminal decides to attack, he has a 95 % chance of success. He has already taken the time and steps he needs

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